Benjamin J DeLong

Over the past five years I have worked as part of a team on the full-stack of data-heavy, map-based Django applications. My notable roles on the projects were Front End UI, Mobile App Development, and REST API Development.


ALCES Landscape & Land-use Ltd.

Full-Stack Software Engineer  (Nov. 2014 - Present)
  • Planned, designed, and developed 2 data-driven, mapping applications in Django, as part of a team
  • Translated mockups into intuitive, responsive user interfaces for web and mobile apps with JavaScript and CSS
  • Implemented RESTful APIs for interacting with a microservices architecture

Ursudio Multimedia Marketing

Software Developer  (Oct. 2012 - Nov. 2014)
  • Designed intuitive user interfaces in JavaScript and CSS
  • Maintained sites built in WordPress, Django, and CakePHP
  • Developed plugins to integrate with mapping applications



  • JavaScript - jQuery, ES6, React, Node.js, Express
  • Python - Django
  • PHP - WordPress


  • JSHint, CasperJS, Jest, TypeScript, Vagrant


  • PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, Cordova/Phonegap, GraphQL, RESTful APIs, Bash, YAML


Alberta Tomorrow

A classroom-focused mapping application, complete with interactive geo-spatial database queries, a predictive model, a RESTful API, and a free mobile app. View Project

Leaflet Map WordPress Plugin

A shortcode-based WordPress plugin to create multiple Leaflet maps in posts and pages. It has companion shortcodes to add markers, geojson, and images to those maps. It is a solo project, and the first project where I used Object-Oriented Programming with PHP. View Project


Mount Saint Vincent University

Bachelor of Public Relations  (Graduate of 2010)
  • Courses included Audio-Visual, Web Design, Communications Theory, Marketing, and Business.