This site is designed to showcase my best-loved projects in web development.

It is built with React and Express. I wanted to take a content management approach similar to Jekyll (a blog-aware, static site generator). I decided to use a predictable file structure and write my pages in MarkDown, which I have enjoyed using in sites like StackOverflow and GitHub.

Here's an example React component from this very page:

import React from 'react';
import PlainPage from './PlainPage';
import Contact from './Contact';

const AboutPage = (props) => (
    <PlainPage {...props}>
        <Contact />

export default AboutPage;

What I've loved about React is how modular/reusable it is; and what I've loved about MarkDown is how minimalistic it is. I wished for a simple implementation of both languages, but generally found only a handful of examples which only dealt with some of the issues. This website borrowed from many examples and I made my own solutions where necessary.

This is a Universal JavaScript app: The pages are generated server-side through Express with the help of React Router; the layout is created with React (of course), and most of the content is in a simple MarkDown and FrontMatter format.

I've learned a lot through this project about both React and Webpack, and I've also had a lot of fun making it! I hope you enjoy the performance and experience of this site on the front end, especially as I continue to update.

If you're curious about how it all works, take a look at the repo: github.com

If you have any questions or comments, tweet me!